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OptionEye....... July 31st

Good morning.


End of month. Sometimes we get some shenanigans. Be careful.


Soybeans and Wheat up a few cents this morning with corn down a few. Dec corn 2 cents lower. Dec wheat is 1.5 cents higher and Nov beans are 2 cents higher as well.


Looking for any new guidance with the FED this morning along with an expected poor 2nd Quarter GDP. A ton of economic indicators between now and Friday morning will really give us a feeling of where we are going or not. We still have some dangerous signals in front of us.


Stocks sideways waiting for the releases.


The 10 year slightly higher to 2.61% and oil has rebounded to $103.37 which is up .29 cents. Gold trading sideways at $1328.18 which is up $1.88.


I also have the pleasure of hosting Mike McGinnis this morning in Chicago. Good ole' MarketEye. Great to have him back.






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Re: OptionEye....... July 31st


Any major buying or selling on the Options?

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