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OptionEye....July 3rd

First off, I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July holiday.


We have an abbreviated session today ending at 12:00 noon CST.


More rumors of countries looking for cheap wheat giving a boost to our stuff here.


Dec corn having a hard time going under $5.00 and bouncing pretty decently off of that level yesterday and today. Beans are strong on tight supplies and weak shorts.


Equities are a little weaker as the holiday lull sets in. Most traders are gone for the week and we see choppy trade already today. All eyes are looking at non-farm payroll on Friday morning. That will be the driver for the month with a few eyes on inflation. We have yet to see where Ben Bernanke has seen the economic strength.


The 10 year stalling at 2.47% and hovering.


Again, hope everyone has a great holiday!

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Re: OptionEye....July 3rd

Same to you Opioneye - have a good holiday !  You   going back to the farm and rest - drink a cold one and fit Ribeyes  ?

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