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Senior Contributor

OptionEye....July 5th

Good morning.


I hope everyone had a safe holiday. Roads and trains very empty today as those of us that came in realize we have no life. Ugh.


Anyway, the main reason to be here today is the Non-Farm Payroll number that will be released at 7:30 CST. It will give us a very important look into how the economy is doing. No matter what you trade, it is important to respect the flow of money and realize how that may affect your own positions or marketing plans.


Things are understandably quiet. Stocks are up after the no decision by the ECB yesterday. The 10 year yield has spiked to 2.56% and gold is off $9.00 trading at $1240. All of these prices will be moot in about 45 mins.


Please put your seat belts on......

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Senior Advisor

Re: OptionEye....July 5th

You're not alone OptionEye, I actually had to work yesterday and today both.  But hey, that's why we make the big bucks.Smiley Surprised

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Veteran Reader

Re: OptionEye....July 5th

I have to plant my cover crop on what should have been soybeans.

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