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OptionEye....June 16th.

As the old saying goes, " I have to make a friend a day to break even down here"  once again holds true, independent traders and proprietary firms are getting grumpier and grumpier waiting for this market to give us a chance to trade.


From a producer perspective it may look rather benign, but from the trading floor the opportunities to make money have been very few and far apart. Mentally traders will tell you it seems like we have been at $3.50 in corn and $9.50 in beans for about 6 years. And they will also tell you that they haven't made any money in the last 20 years.  


The weather is good and China is quiet. The other macros continue to keep us in a holding pattern.


Here is to some decent movement soon.



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p-oed Farmer
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Re: OptionEye....June 16th.

Scott..... If you want this market to move all you have to do is put on a big trade and it will then move...... Most likely against you but move none the less...... :~)......... p-oed

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