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Re: OptionEye...June 18th

It would cost you 1.50 a bushel to haul it that far so I would doubt it would pay. Wait a couple more weeks and it might be 2 dollars over then you can make and extra fifty cents. Truckers around here usually are 3.75 loaded mile.
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Re: OptionEye...June 18th

@roarintiger1 wrote:

Can you get a load of corn through customs?

While Canada/Ontario is usually a net importer of corn there is often some that flows into the US.

there is no problem getting it across the border when the price is right.

There has been some move from Ontario already this year when ever the price made it feasible.

We did have a big crop last year in Ontario and so have corn available which is why our basis is so low.

One other factor this year is the toxins in our corn this year.

Most corn is borderline acceptable and some areas have corn that is too high for many users.

One more reason for our lower basis.


It has happened before that corn was trucked out of Ontario because of price and later in the season had to be imported to keep all the users supplied.

All dependant on price.

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