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OptionEye....June 25th

Good morning.


And as my father used to say, any morning on this side of the grass is a good one.


The crop conditions/emergence came out yesterday afternoon and gave us a boost overnight. Things still a little behind and wet areas got wetter with rains moving in across Iowa yesterday late.


The rest of the world is still coming unglued.


China in the news and dominating things of late as they are trying to curb dodgy lending practices and free money in their system as well.


A couple of fed governors came out with some rhetoric that helped calm a 200+ decline in the Dow and brought the negatives back to a manageable level but things are still tenuous. Very tenuous.


Today the equities will open higher and we get some economic figures that might help give us a clue as to what Ben Bernanke was seeing/thinking about when he said things look to be getting better.


The 10 year is backing off at 2.49% after having a look over 2.60%. Again, the dollar is a tad weaker. Gold is up $5.00 at $1287 which is hardly a comeback.


Today we get Durable Goods, Case/Schiller Home Price Index and New Home Sales. Let's see what Santa brings Ben.

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