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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - April 20th

Good morning. 


Overnight grains quiet as corn is a tad lower, beans up 4 and wheat up 2. 


We don't get any decent economic numbers from the government today so it will be all about Greece as it was over the weekend. 


Stocks are better as China cuts reserve requirements to potentially give things a boost over there. Eh, we shall see but do I hear you saying 'been there done that'? The S & P future is up over 12 points this morning getting back a lot of the ground we lost on Friday. 


The dollar is stronger by .40 to 97.92. 


Oil is lower after being higher most of the night. Currently WTI trades at $55.37 down .37 cents. Gold is lower as well to $1199.28 down $4.99. 


The 10 year yield, stuck in a range, sits at 1.86% this morning. 1.83% is a big level if we try to plumb those depths. 



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