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OptionEye Macro Outlook April 27th

Good morning. 


Overnight sees corn steady to a bit better, beans down 4 and wheat is up 2. 


The dollar is a tad stronger again at 91.77 up .21. 


The stock market is pointing to a lower open as the S&P future is currently down 5 points and the Dow future down 85. 


The 10 year yield staying just under 3.00% at 2.97%. 


The crude oil market trades a bit lower at $68.03 down .16. The gold market trades at $1319.30 up[ $2.38 - it just cannot catch a bid even in the face of all this volatility. 


Today we get the Employment Cost Index, the Revisions to the Employment Cost Index, GDP, Personal Consumption, the GDP Price Index, Core PCE and the University of Michigan Sentiment Numbers. 

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