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OptionEye Macro Outlook April 28th

Good morning. 


Well, the Fed did nothing. The BOJ did nothing. Stocks are doing something. 


Grains see corn mixed, beans 3 to 4 lower and wheat  up 1 to 2. 


The Nikkei is off over 3.50% as the BOJ disappoints in Asia. That has sent our stock market lower as well with the S&P future off over 16 points and the Dow future off over 150 points. 


The 10 year yield coming in as well to 1.83% after trading out to 1.93% yesterday. The world is showing some nervous signs this morning. 


The oil market is a little lower at $45.11 down .22 cents and gold is up on the nerves to $1255.72 up $9.89.


The dollar is weaker to 93.82 down .55. 


Today we  get the fallout of the Fed and BOJ as well as Initial Jobless Claims, Continuing Claims, GDP, Personal Consumption, Core PCE and the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index. 

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