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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Aug 18th

Good Monday morning. 


Corn up 3, beans up 2 and wheat down 3. 


Wheat down on easing tensions in the black sea region. Soybeans dropped 3% last week and are off to a better start this morning. For corn, the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour starts today. 


Stocks are solidly up this morning as European stocks are all up about 1% as well today. The pundits will try and blame the easing tensions in Russia and the Ukraine for the jump this morning. 


The 10  year is at 2.36% this morning as bonds trade a little easier on, yep, you guessed it, easing tensions. 


Gold is lower by $3.93 to $ 1300.90 and oil is lower by .98 cents to $96.37. 


The dollar is again stronger this morning by .20 to 81.44. 


No real economic news this morning so our attention will be focusing on Russia. 



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