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OptionEye Macro Outlook Aug 2nd

Got carried away watching the stock market notch its 32nd all time high this year. And, if you don't think that is warranted, there probably will be more. Liquidity and spare funds are so deep that things can get distorted longer than we can stay solvent. 


Grains see corn up 3, beans up 4 to 5 and wheat up 5 as well. 


The 10 year yield trading 'comfortably' ,and if you ask me a little too comfortably at 2.25%. 


Stocks open higher on Apples numbers with the Dow up 58 and the S&P pretty much unchanged. 


The oil market is quiet with crude trading at $49.23 up .07 cents with gold even quieter at $1269.76 up .90 cents. 


The dollar is weaker again at 92.96. down .07.


Today we saw ADP come in weaker than the 190k expected at 178k. The good news was the revision was better from 158k to 191k. 



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Re: OptionEye Macro Outlook Aug 2nd

Option Eye  -  Interesting observations - points well taken ---

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BA Deere
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Re: OptionEye Macro Outlook Aug 2nd

I wonder if inflation is seen by those highest up in the crow`s nest?  The Zimbabwe stock mart went nuts in 2007, but if you stuck your money in the mattress, you`d still have the same amount of paper, but the stock market there was at least a small way to keep up.

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Re: OptionEye Macro Outlook Aug 2nd

BA............. How appropriate ........... a compacted pile of manure on that note         🙂

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