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OptionEye Macro Outlook August 11th

Good morning. 


Overnight sees corn steady to a bit better, beans steady better as well and wheat down 2 cents. Yesterday's report sent the ag sector reeling. It looks as though we are trying to find our feet overnight. 


The dollar hanging in there at 93.49 up .08. 


The 10 year yield is the benefit of a flight to quality and safety as the war sabers rattle. It trades at 2.19% breaking through 2.20%. 


The stock market still jittery and will open lower as the S&P future right now is over 3 points lower and the Dow future is 18 points lower. 


The crud oil market is easier today at $48.32 down .27 and the gold market hanging strong in these nervous times and trades at $1287.79 up $1.45. 


Today we get CPI. Yesterday's PPI showed no real inflation seeping into the system. It will be interesting to see what we get from CPI.


Have a great weekend.  

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