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OptionEye Macro Outlook August 15th

Good morning. 


Overnight sees corn down 4, beans down 5 and wheat down 4 .


The dollar is a bit stronger this morning and trades at 93.72 up .31. 


The stock market will open a little higher this morning with the S&P future up 6 and the Dow future up 63. Nothing to see hear, move along, move along. Ugh. 


The 10 year yield rising a tad and trades up at 2.25%. 


The crude market trading a bit lower at $47.38 down .21 cents. Gold backing off a bit at $1274.49 down $7.65. 


Today we get the Import Price Index, Empire Manufacturing, Retail Sales, the NAHB Housing Market Index, Business Inventories, Total Net TIC flows and Net Long Term TIC Flows .


North Korea will be front and center as we await the next CEO remove himself from the President's Manufacturing Council. 

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Re: OptionEye Macro Outlook August 15th

CEO's, interesting stuff. The big pharma guy resigns, but he has no problem gouging every American, black, brown, white, red and any other color with over the top drug price increases and blocking approved generics from making it to market. While other countries that have no donations or tax dollars invested in the research of those drugs get the drugs for considerably less than Americans.  Yes, we can buy cheap junk from other countries at Walmart or Amazon, but pharma makes sure they lobby that we can't go buy prescription drugs across either border or ocean and bring them back to the U.S. Plus medicare, the biggest buyer, doesn't negotiate drug price costs. The patient has a gun to his head, easy victim.  The hospitals and doctors make more money the more expensive the drug. At least now we know that both Dems and Rep. are equally in bed with them. I am still so impressed with the top doctors and staff we have in the US, and grateful for them.


So, yes the pharma CEO is not racist, he gouges everyone. Spends more on advertising than research to keep the media his corner ( and many thought it was only to sell the drugs).


Though 100's protest the 'problem of the month', 100's of millions DON'T.  Waiting for the day the headline says, "Millions did not participate in the protest."  Our media, they decry the protesters, but then then give them hours of free 'advertising' by covering them 24/7. Lets see, it's Russia, Russia, Russia, Racism, Racism,Racism, these are real problems, to bad we treat them like a circus carnival.  Did you see on the news that eight member of Samaritan's Purse (Franklin Graham's org.) were killed along with 26 others (including many children) when a bus overturned in Madagascar? Why doesn't that make the news. ... don't cover those loving and caring for fellow mankind.


Makes the USDA look like a saint.   But regardless of how right or wrong the USDA was, there are a lot of farms in southern Iowa where the pastures are long gone, the hay crop is bad, and their beans and corn are burning up. Doesn't matter it isn't large enough that the USDA says it will affect final yield, for each of those farmers it is a big deal.  Amazed how well they handled themselves in spite of the weather. They are releasing CRP acres for haying in more Iowa counties now, great for many except the guy who sells hay:)

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Re: OptionEye Macro Outlook August 15th

IT's great for the guy who sells hay, too.  It keeps the cow herds going.  Make the hay too expensive this year and there may be no cows to eat it next year. 

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