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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Dec. 8th

Good morning. 


Overnight corn unchanged, beans down 4 and wheat down 5. Interesting to see how well the grains have held in at these levels.


Oil getting killed again down $1.70 to $64.14 and showing no real signs of support here. 


Gold is up but still below $1200 and trades at $1195.86 up $3.35. 


Stocks are lower as the talk on Friday was Dow 18,000. I suppose the rest of the world entering QE will be bullish but it is hard to get in with both feet in the U.S. stock market unless the underlying economy does a lot of catch up. 


The dollar is stronger ( what's new) and sits at 89.43 up .09. 


No real economic news this morning so 'Dow 18,000' will probably continue.





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