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OptionEye Macro Outlook December 13th

Good morning. 


Things getting quieter. This time of year can be dicey. We also have the Fed tomorrow to add into the mix. 


Corn is a little lower overnight but not by much. Beans are up 2 cents and wheat down 1. Again, fairly quiet out there. 


The 10 year yield is hanging at 2.45% after making a charge through 2.50% yesterday. This and the dollar will be on the watch list next year. 


The dollar is pretty much unchanged at 101.05 up .02. 


Oil still the talk of the town after the decent move higher yesterday. This morning it is higher again by .54 cents to $53.37. The gold market just can't get a break. This morning it trades at $1159.77 down $2.48. 


Stocks are higher this morning with the S&P up over 6 points and the Dow future up 68 points. 




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