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OptionEye Macro Outlook December 19th

Good morning. 


It's one of the few days a year that it is nice to be a guy of my size. 


Overnight corn is 1 to 2 lower, beans are 4 to 5 lower and wheat is bucking the trend at 1 to 2 better. 


The dollar is pretty much unchanged at 102.96 up .01. 


The 10 year yield sits at 2.57%. A little trepidation in the water this morning as our electoral college candidates go to their capitals to deliver the will of the the people. 


The stock market wants to open a little higher this morning with the S&P future up over 2 points snd the Dow future up 24 points. 


The oil market still higher at $52.05 up .15 cents and the gold market is at $1138.53 up $3.68. 


Today we get Market US PMI's.


Stay warm. 



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