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OptionEye Macro Outlook January 25th

Good morning. 


Overnight we see corn still a little weak after failing at the 200 DMA with a key reversal. This morning corn is one lower, beans are 5 lower and wheat is 2 to 3 lower. 


The dollar is still weakening at 100.04 down .31. 


The president in full action mode with a slew of edicts. We have to watch the affect on the dollar and international trade with his movements on TPP and NAFTA. I think things are going to be very interesting this year - mother nature aside. 


The stock market resuming its upward move this morning with the S&P future up 7 points and the Dow future up 64. 


The 10 year yield rising to 2.47% and looking to make a move to 2.50% if the stocks keep rallying. 


The oil market, in spite of good news yesterday is a little lower this morning at $52.74 down .44 cents. 


The gold market quiet at $1207.05 down $1.76. 


Today we get MBA Mortgage Applications and FHFA House Price Index. 



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