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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - June 12th

Good morning. 


Kind of a sloppy start here in Chicago with spitting rain and slightly cooler temps. 


Overnight corn was down 1, beans down 2 and wheat is steady better. 


The 10 year yield came in yesterday after Retail Sales disappointed. The yield currently stands at 2.37%. 


Stocks look to open a little lower with the S & P future pointing to an opening of almost 7 points lower. Greece still in the headlines and not going away. 


Oil is a little lower and has broken back down through $60 and stands at $59.99 down .78 cents. 


Gold still languishing at $1181.40 down .56 cents. 


The dollar is slightly stronger this morning at 95.35 up .37.


Todauy we get some inflation numbers with PPI and University of Michigan Sentiiment Survey. 

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