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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - June 27th

Good morning. 


Overnight, corn down 2, beans down 1 in old crop, 5 in new and wheat is pretty much unchanged. 


Weather outlook still has some rain in it but drier weather later next week put a top on things. Slightly higher temps are forecast as well. The International Grain Council has raised its world corn production number to 972 million tons from 955. More fodder for the bears. 


The 10 year is at 2.51% on its way to 2.20%. 


Stocks are lower as Euope is mixed. 


Gold is up .24 cents to $1316.82 and Oil is basically unchanged, up .04 cents to $105.88. 


The dollar is a little lower at 80.16 down .05. 


Market should be a bit squirelly today as we square up for Monday's report. 








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