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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - June 8th

Good morning. 


Overnight corn corn up 2, beans up 3 and wheat up 4. 


Good rains through Illinois and Indiana yesterday. Actually think I saw the animals walking 2 by 2.  🙂


The dollar is a litttle lower atg 96.17 down .13.


The oil market is a little lower this morning at $58.54 down .59 cents. Gold is up $1.79 to $1173.79. 


The stock market is quiet as we continue to debate Greece and a possible Euro exit and the jobs numbers on Friday. 


The 10 year yield shot up on the jobs numbers and stands at 2.39% after hitting 2.43% just after the numbers were released. The rate hike rhertoric will be in full gear this week. 


We don't have any meaningful economic numbers to change the focus. Greece and Jobs/rate hike will be the chatter. 


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