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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Mar. 12th

Good morning. 


Overnight, corn quiet and unchanged, beans up 2 and wheat up 3. 


The 10 year yield coming back down to 2.07%. That rate, like the dollar has been all over the place. 


The dollar this morning is a little weaker this morning down .66 to 99.13 but we did break through that 100.00 level and had a high overnight at 100.06. 


Oil is higher this morning, above that key $48 level to $48.47 up .30 cents. 


Gold is higher too at $1159.38 up $4.06. 


Stocks are a bit better this morning with the S & P future up almost 5 handles. 


Today we get a peek at Retail Sales, Initial Jobless Claims and the Import Price Index. It will be interesting to see if these lower oil prices manifest themselves in spending on retail. So far they haven't.


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