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OptionEye Macro Outlook - Mar. 4th

Good morning.


Another day..another shouting match/debate. Ugh.


Overnight corn up 1 to 2, beans up 5 to 6 and wheat up 3 to 4.


Stocks look to open higher this morning with the S&P future up over 3 points and the Dow future up over 30 points.


Today will be all about the Non-Farm Payroll and Wages report. Anyting up until then will just be noise. After the numbers, we will focus our sights on Draghi and any new easing in Europe.


The oil market is at $34.70 up .13 cents and gold is up $.75 cents to $1264.98.


The 10 year yield will be in our sights after the numbers but right now it is trading at 1.83% just a little lower from yesterday.


Have a great weekend.




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