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OptionEye Macro Outlook May 11th

Good morning. 


Overnight sees corn down 1, beans up 2 and wheat up 1. Feels like the way forward, believe it or not, is a slow grind higher. 


The dollar is currently at 99.70 up .03 and quiet. 


The stock market looks to open lower with the S&P future trading down 6 points and the Dow future down 40 points. 


The oil market settling in at $47.90 up .57 cents. Gold is slightly higher at $1222.34 up $3.11. 


The 10 year yield pausing at that 2.40% level and trades at 2.39% this morning. 


Today we get PPI, Initial Jobless, Continuing Claims and the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index. 



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Re: OptionEye Macro Outlook May 11th

So, corn being Down 1 is the way forward to a slow grind higher? Wow, you don't actually believe this nonsense? Even if your being paid to report this information it is illogical to contradict your own statement in the very post you stated it in.
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