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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - May 4th

Good morning 


What a wonderful weather weekend we had here in Chicago. Saw a lot of guys out rolling. 


This morning corn is down 1, beans are up 5 and wheat is down 4. Corn hovering here at 6 month lows. 


The stock market is a little higher this morning with the S & P future up almost 5 points in early trade. 


The 10 year yield is creeping to that 2.16% and is now at 2.13%. I think that it still will be difficult to raise rates but the bond market acts like they thing it is a near certainty. 


Oil is up .27 cents to $59.42 and gold is up $4.21 to $1182.80. 


The dollar is a little stronger at 95.54 which is up .24. 


Should be a good week for more good economic information. Today we get Factory Orders but on Friday we get Non-Farm Payrolls. Buckle up. 


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BA Deere
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Re: OptionEye - Macro Outlook - May 4th

The Fed could stick their big toe in the pool with a 1/4% rate hike just to see if the market would freak out.  It seems that the zero % system is broken, yet working, so why "fix it"?  They maybe need an excuse for another dose of QE, they won`t be able to blame "snow storms in June" if GDP growth is lackluster in the 2nd quarter.

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