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OptionEye Macro Outlook May 8th

Good morning. 


Overnight sees the grain market a little lower with corn off 1 cent, beans lower by 3 to 4 cents and wheat lower by 4 cents as well. 


The dollar is a little stronger but in the scheme things is still weak at 98.97 up .32. 


The 10 year yield still stuck in the  mud at 2.33%. 


The stock market will open lower after having been higher overnight with the S&P future down 3 points and the Dow future down 30 points. 


The crude oil market still is weak and trades at $46.19 down .02 cents and the gold market is up at $1234.05 up $12.45. 


Today we will be watching the fall out from the French presidential elections in which Macron won pretty handily. 



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