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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Nov. 18th

Good morning..


Today's story is gold is back above $1200 or at least flirting with it. At the time of writing it is up $13.14 to $1199.69 having been as high as $1204.68.


All of the gold bugs out there speculating that the ECB will buy gold bullion as part of an asset purchase/QE program in Europe. Really? Oh well....


Corn is 1 lower, beans are 2 higher and  wheat is 5 lower early this morning. 


Oil is above $75.00 and trades at $75.81 up .17 cents. 


Stocks unchanged after yesterday's 42nd record close in the S & P. 


The dollar is a tad weaker this morning at 87.62 down .29 but is still very high. 


The 10 year yield is at 2.33 and has been flying under the radar as of late. 


Economically speaking we get Producer Prices today which will be pretty important and we will have to listen to more of the talking heads blather on about the Keystone Pipeline. 


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BIG thing - Japan in Recession

And Japan's middle class has acted like ours but, for years. We aren't even close to heading for an economic solution.

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