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OptionEye Macro Outlook - Nov. 6th

Good morning.


Well, today is the day. Non-farm payrolls. This will either validate the Fed or embarrass them.


Overnight grains see corn up 1, beans up 5 and wheat down 4. A pretty mixed bag.


Stocks are waiting for the numbers this morning so the S&P future is basically unchanged at up .80 and the Dow future is down about 17 points.


The 10 year yield up at 2.23% betting that the non-farm numbers will be good.


The oil market is up .24 cents to $45.44 and the gold market is up as well to $1108.97 up $5.10.


The dollar is up again to 98.10 up .16.


It's all about the payroll numbers this morning.


Have a good weekend.





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