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Senior Contributor

OptionEye Macro Outlook November 18th

Good morning. 


Overnight grains are quiet with corn steady easier, beans down 4 and wheat down 2 to 3. 


The 10 year yield moving higher through that key 2.27% level and trades at 2.29%.The next stop could be 2.40%. 


Stocks will open a little lower with the S&P future down just over 1 point and the Dow future down 5. Pretty quiet in equityland as well. 


The oil market is quiet too with the crude trading at $45.55 up .13 cents. Gold is slightly lower at $1211.90 down $4.60.


The dollar is still strong creating some decent headwinds for commodities and this morning sits at 100.96 up .07.


Today we get the Leading Index. 


Have a great weekend. 



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