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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Oct. 13

Good morning. 


Overnight corn up a tad, beans up 1 and wheat down 1. 


The markets, all markets, will be keeping an eye on the dollar and equities toady and for the next 6 weeks. Financial markets were rocked last week and it is not over yet. 


Commodities will play a big part as well as we see deflationary pressures affect most complexes and the dollar continues its strength. 


The dollar this morning is weaker by .46 and trades at 85.44. 


Stocks are bouncing a bit after last weeks volatility. 


Bonds are closed today and the closing price on the 10 year at the end of the week was at 2.28% heading towards 2.00%.


Oil continuing to get hit and trades at $84.62 down $1.20. Gold bouncing just a bit to $1227.26 up $4.16. 



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