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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Oct 15th

Good morning. 


Markets are vey nervous again today. 


Rain causing concern in beans. Yesterday saw good rallies in corn and beans. Giving a bit back this morning with corn down 3, beans down 6 and wheat down 4. 


10 year yield trading at 2.16% telling us things aren't doing well and the Ebola Boogeyman is here to stay. The boogeyman spooking the markets this  morning with the headlines out of yet another healthcare worker testing positive in Texas. 


Gold is down $4.57 to $$1228.31 and oil is down again and threatening to break $80. Currnetly  oil sits at $80.96 down .88 cents. Things looking tough at the start this morning. 


The dollar is up .01 tto 85.83.


Today we get a lot of economic indicators with PPI and Retail Sales. Should be a great insight to growth. And if I am correct, we don't have very much of it. 






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