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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Oct. 1st

Good  morning. 


Happy October. My favorite time of year. 


Corn slipping 1 cent overnigth. Beans are down 4 and wheat is down 3. 


Corn can't lift its head after stocks were bigger than expected and currently trades at a 5 year low. 


Gold is up $1.11 to $1210.27. Oil is also higher by .54 cents to 91.70. Deflation persists everywhere. 


Stocks are lower again with the S & P down 4 points. 


The dollar is still sitting on its highs at 86.12 up .18.


The ADP jobs report is out beating expections ever so slightly with 213k jobs created vs 205k expected. 


The 10 year yield doesn't believe it and has dipped to 2.46% below that 2.50% level. 





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