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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Oct. 21st

Good morning. 


Corn slightly higher, beans and wheat up 4 to 5. 


The rest of the world and all of its products seem to be settling down a bit. 


Oil is higher by 16 cents to $82.87 and Gold is higher by $2.75 to $1249.68. 


The 10 year is back at 2.19% after its brief visit to 1.86%. 


Stocks this morning are higher as companies have been beating reporting expectations. Europe is higher by .90% to 2.25%. 


Today we get Existing Home Sales. 


The dollar is higher by .21 to 85.17.


I think that it is important to note that things cant just settle down this quickly, this easily. We will DEFINITELY have more volatility before this is over. 



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