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Senior Contributor

OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Oct. 6th

Good morning. 


A pretty chilly weekend here in Chicago. Markets are up on decent demand stories due to the recent sell off. I can't help but think that some shorts were squeezed out from the cold weather. Doesn't really matter now but I am sure that it caused a few nervous people to buy. 


Corn up 5, beans up 12 and wheat up 6. 


Ebola still making the rounds with the talking heads and dominating the news outlets. 


Stocks are higher this morning. The S & P futures are up 5 points. European stock markets are up between .25% and 1.25%. 


Oil is up over $90.00 to $90.09 up .35 cents. Gold is up as well to $1195.21 up $3.86. 


 The dollar is weaker this morning by .34 and currently stands at 86.34 against the basket of currencies that it is compared to. 


No real economic news today so it is going to be an Ebola headline day. 

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