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OptionEye Macro Outlook October 31st

Good morning. 


Overnight grains see corn down 2, beans mixed and wheat up nearly 2. 


The 10 year yield happily camping out at 1.84%. This week will be a big week. We get meetings by the Bank of England, Bank of Japan, FOMC and a jobs report at the end of the week. Tons of info to get our hands on. 


The stock market will open mixed with the S&P future up 1.50 points and the Dow future up 6  points. 


The oil  market is a little lower at $48.39 down .31 cents and gold will be steady easier at $1273.95 down $1.55. 


The dollar is a little stronger at 98.56 up .22. 


Today we get Personal Income, Chicago Pruchasing Manager Index and Dallas Fed Manufacturing Activity. 




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Re: OptionEye Macro Outlook October 31st



What is the chatter among traders on Friday's FBI's letter to congress?    Or does fear of the political machine keep most thoughts private?  As much as every says they hate this election, the positive is that these both Trump and Clinton have made us all take a much deeper look at reality and who we really are and who we want to be individually, and as a nation.


Or, is the World Series the only thing that matters?  The Bears are not even worth discussing any more. 


Maybe Chicago should pass a law banning goats?


A lot of distractions in the trading world now.  Glad I have a seat in the nose bleed section and not near the action.


Carry on, seems like a good supply of grains in today's unstable world should be seen as a major plus and to be treasured, kind of stupid to give it away so cheap.

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