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Senior Contributor

OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Sept. 10th

Good morning. 


Again, the animals were walking two by two on the way in to work here in Chicago this morning. 


Corn is basically unchanged. Beans are up one half cent and wheat is down 2. 


More bearish articles out this morning about corn and beans at 4 year lows...ugh. 


The 10 year is now over 2.52% and moving higher. 


Gold is lower by $4.81 to $1250.69. Oil is lower as well and stands at $92.44 down .31 cents. 


After yesterday's sell-off stocks are pretty much unchanged. 


The dollar is a shade weaker at 84.20 down .07. 


The news and figures this morning will be focussed on mortgage applications and wholesale inventories. 


Talking heads are still in love with Apple. Almost getting boring now. 







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