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OptionEye Macro Outlook Sept. 11th

Good morning. 


My thoughts are with the nation this morning reflecting upon the loss of life 16 years ago. 


Overnight sees corn down 1, beans up 1 and wheat down 3.


The dollar is a tad stronger but still relatively weak at 91.45 up .10. 


The stock market will open better today as investors feel as though we made it through a dangerous weekend. The S&P future up over 13 points and the Dow future up 119. 


The 10 year yield rising on the better stock market as bond sell off. The yield this morning is trading at 2.09%. 


Crude oil is a little higher at $47.74 up .26 cents and gold is lower on a relief sell off at $1338.13 down $8.32. 


Today we get the talking heads talking about how we made it through the danger and smooth sailing is ahead. Don't get sucked in.