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OptionEye Macro Outlook - Sept. 15th

Good morning.


Overnight grains see corn down 2, beans up 2 and wheat down 4.


Today we see a slew of economic indicators with Retail Sales leading the way. We also get Empire Manufacturing, Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization. Lots to get our teeth into today.


Stocks are virtually unchange with the S & P future and Dow future just barely on this side of positive.


The 10 year yield is at 2.17% basically the same as yesterday.


Oil is up by .36 cents to $44.36 and gold is down $4.19 to $1104.91. Both are still fairly quiet this morning.


The dollar is quiet as well and sits at 95.26 up .02.


The economic numbers will be important but it's all about the Fed this week with their announcement on rates on Thursday.




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