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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Sept. 17th

And a top 'o the morning to you...


Let's see tomorrow if the Scots want to stay in Great Britain. I think it will be a mistake if they leave. 


Overnight we say corn and wheat down 1.5 cents and beans up 3.5 cents. 


The 10 year hovering at 2.56% awaiting the Fed announcement later this afternoon. I don't think they will change much. When the market began to think the same thing we rallied hard in the equity world yesterday. We also got some help from the PBOC as they injected some $80 billion into their system trying to stimulate as well. 


Stocks this morning are unchanged to slightly better. Europe is up .5 to 1.00% across the board. 


Yesterday's numbers said 'no inflation'. We get CPI today as well with Mortgage Applications. 


Oil is sligthly easier at $94.82 down .06 cents. Gold is up $1.98 to $1237.57. 



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