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Senior Contributor

OptionEye Macro Outlook Sept. 19th

Good morning. 


Well, this is supposed to be the week. I don't think that the Fed will raise this week but it will sure be busy if they do. 


Corn overnight is up 1, beans are up 10 cents and wheat is up 2. The Ag market has taken a back seat as the Fed has been front and center. 


The 10 year yield trading at 1.68% and sitting still waiting for the FOMC on Wed. 


The oil market is higher this morning at $43.63 up .60 cents and gold is up a bit at $1314.49 up $4.24. 


The dollar is weaker this morning giving a boost to the commodity markets and is trading at 95.88. 


No real numbers out today as all eyes will be on the Fed.

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