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OptionEye Macro Outlook Sept. 20th

Good morning. 


Overnight sees corn up 1, beans up 6 to 7 and wheat up 1. 


The world is holding its collective breath waiting to see what the Fed will do at its meeting today and tomorrow. This will have an effect on the dollar and hence, commodities. 


The 10 year is stuck in wait mode as well at 1.68%. For what it is worth, I don't think they should raise rates but hey, I have been wrong before. Ugh. 


The oil market is under pressure again down .43 cents at $43.87. Gold holding in there at $1314.45 up $1.32. 


Stocks will open higher this morning with the S&P future up almost 9 points and the Dow future up 61 points. 


Today we gert Housing Starts and Building Permits. All eyes on Janet. 

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