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OptionEye - Macro Outlook - Sept. 25th

Good morning. 


Could be a quiet one today as it is Rosh Hashahna. 


Overnight corn unchanged to slightly better, beans up 3 and wheat down 1. 


We are still debating crop size as most believe big crops get bigger. This report at the end of the month will be key. Option flows have been bearish beans and bullish corn. 


The 10 year is at 2.54% this morning which is pretty much no mans land. 


The stock market is a little lower after yesterday's big day, the S & P is off 3 points. 


The dollar is stronger by .37 and is up to 85.41. This will be a headwind. 


Oil is up .28 cents to $93.08 and gold is off $5.26 to $1211.80. 


Durable goods will be a big number today and of course we get Initial Jobless Claims. 


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