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OptionEye Macro Outlook Sept. 7th

Good morning. 


Very quiet yesterday as the trade wiped the holiday sleep out of their eyes. 


Today may be different. We have a crop report on Monday so I expect some squaring and positioning over the next few days. 


Overnight corn is unchanged, beans are up 7 to 8 and wheat is uo 1. 


The interest rate arena is starting to bubble up. The 10 year yield is at 1.53%. If 1.51% goes, we go straight to 1.44%. 


The stock market is going to open a little lower with the S&P future down 2 points and the Dow future down 10 points. 


The crude oil market is up at $45.26 up .43 cents and gold is lower at $1348.96 down $1.05. 


The dollar weakend significantly yesterday and is stable this morning at 94.83 up .01. 


This morning we get MBA Mortgage Applications. 



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BA Deere
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Re: OptionEye Macro Outlook Sept. 7th

Fat and feeder cattle are taking a bath, cheap corn isn`t enough.  The dollar is weaker now that Janet blinked. Putin might cut oil production?

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