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OptionEye March 14th

Yesterday's Fed speak has given the equity markets a little boost. More evidence of a tight corn supply has helped fuel our fire in the Ag room.


When and if this 'real' evidence shows up will be the $60 million question. The next opportunity that the USDA has to come clean on their numbers would be at the end of this month. I'm not holding my breath but I do think that there is a short term tight supply issue out there.


We have some good examples of the Fed keeping rates too low too long and actually extending the pain. The 1930's is a good example. With the price of a lot of commodities rising (oil, gold, grains and livestock) there are worries of real inflation . The next year will be very telling to see how the Fed manages these price pressures. I believe that they are not just 'blips' on the screen but there are some very real concerns about a few of the above mentioned. Any thoughts out there?



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Re: OptionEye March 14th

  I believe the Obama aministration will go down in history as the most untransparent and manipulative in history.  They juggle the numbers to keep their false economy alive.  Why is the stock market doing so well?  There's no real news to sustain it.  I also believe the election will hinge on an event yet to be seen.

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