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OptionEye....March 1st

Happy March 1st.


I wonder what this month will bring us.


Soybeans getting hit, down about 15 cents. Corn and wheat down 2 to 3.


Equities very quiet in the face of C-castration.


Wouldn't it be nice to see the government cut back just a little bit like all American families have had to do since 2008? Why is government immune? I think we all agree that there are some services that are more important to others but asking the government to grow at a slower rate and go back to 2008/2009 expenditures doesn't seem crazy to me. I think that a little fiscal discipline would make the government look better than any mini bargain at the last minute. And, when corporations announce cuts like these there stock prices usually go up. Another reason the government should take note.


With it being the beginning of the month and sequestration dominating the headlines today could be either very quiet or very weird. The Euro has slipped below 1.30 and the 10 year rate is at 1.85. Economic news is still only fair at best and we continue to print in the hopes of some great growth around the corner.


I am very interested to see how this month plays out.



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Re: OptionEye....March 1st

I'm with you.   If they can't find 2% of spending to cut, I can give them some suggestions.

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Re: OptionEye....March 1st

Obviously, all the money they have spent on head start, primary ed, and college aid has been wasted. We have raised a village of idiots.   All this drama because they have to take one sprinkle off their ice cream cones.

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Re: OptionEye....March 1st

Some may feel with cuts to govt and the market rising as a result that those evil wealthy are at it again! Obama will!
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