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OptionEye.....May 24th

Good morning.


Really don't like the planting numbers. Kinda surprised that we are lower overnight. Ohio and Indiana not good and haven't seen a big relief in weather coming soon either. However, the market took it pretty well overnight. Interesting to note how resilient we have been in the face of this stronger. Market kinda trading in no man's land right now and lacks any real focus.


Worsening situation in Europe, commodity talk with gold and oil, keeping us all on the defensive waiting to see how this planting season turns out. As it happens, we are definitely on our heels already.



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Re: OptionEye.....May 24th

Scott - any thoughts on the future of soybeans? Seems to me that here in Indiana each rain we get pushes us closer to being forced to switch to beans & then our local processors will be flooded with beans a year from now, so I'm questioning why beans are holding price as good as they are.


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