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OptionEye...May 25th

Good morning.


With the announcement that the exchange will be opening early for report days there is bound to be some negative chatter. I think it is a good thing for the market.


It doesn't necessarily mean we will do more volume but I do think it will be good for hedging purposes. It will also go a long way to keeping the contracts alive and vibrant here at the CME. In a competitive global marketplace, this is a natural step.


With all of the hard work the people out there in the country do everyday I find it hard to complain at all.




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Re: OptionEye...May 25th

I see this as a good thing.  If the pits didn't open until the normal time, it would appear to me that it would give the superfast computers running on algorithms an unfair trading advantage.  With the expense of travel, I don't know why anyone would ever want to travel to Vegas or the likes again when they can just sit at home on their laptop and play the slots 21 hours a day.

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Re: OptionEye...May 25th

Hey Shell,


How come I don't see you in this pic stomping a mudhole and walking it dry???