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OptionEye...May 30th

Welcome to a EuroSummer!


Funny trying to listen to the pundits try and turn a positive spin on this equity move. All you need to do is ask your neighbor how the job hunt is going or put your house on the market.


Ten year note now at 1.65%...the stock market is trying to catch up with a lagging economy.


Remember, the US dollar had unprecedented strength in 20078 putting everyone to sleep.....

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Re: OptionEye...May 30th

As far as putting your house on the market.....We closed on a house loan yesterday (new construction)  the lawyer said they have done closings on over 70 house loans in the last two months, more than they have ever done on two months.   We live in a small rural town of 20,000.  Maybe the farm economy is helping here but houses are selling here.

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tom s. in tn.
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Re: OptionEye...May 30th

........ you are not in Joplin Mo. or N Al are you? Just wondering. Tom S. in Tn.

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Re: OptionEye...May 30th



The VIX is on a hike upward. What kind of gauge has this measuring stick been in the past? How much weight do traders put on this Index?



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