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OptionEye....May 6th

Good morning all.


According to the forecast, no one will be reading this because you all will be in the fields. Oh well. Just in case you are still too wet, we can see that the flat price tells us that you aren't. Planting progress comes out today and although we will see some movement I think it will still be way way behind. Maybe that will help to build a bid underneath the market.


As far as other commodities, oil staged a decent rally on Friday on geopolitical concerns. Oil is trading slightly weaker this morning but nothing significant.


Gold is up a tad at $1474 and stocks look to be opening around flat as we try and hang to Friday's rally. The jobs numbers were good. No doubt about it and the revisions to past numbers were improved as well. The 10 year yield has shot up to 1.74%. This week will be a weather week as we digest this afternoon's progress numbers and watch the weather reports every few hours.



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Re: OptionEye....May 6th

Good morning Scott


I never leave home till I read your post -- heck there was one day not to long ago that my wife came out here in the office and said -- are you going to do anything today -- i said well yes I'm am !   I'm waiting on Opioneye to post up his report --- she said it's already 4 pm !  -- I said --- SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO what's your point !  lol


In rain delay here ! Not that heavy -- but the kind of PIA type rain -- Finally remember where I left my sweatshirt from the other day -- left it in the planter tractor -- went over to pick it up and it's still dry under tractor .


I would say a lot of corn went in the ground around here and in parts of the buckeye over  the last few days .


Wonder what's on Dr. Phil today ??


Have a good one



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Re: OptionEye....May 6th

The only thing you'll be doing around here in the fields will be ditching more water! Anyone who thinks there will be some miracle bumper crop on corn this year is just plain nuts! What little corn that was planted here was pounded with about 3" of rain. I've never been anywhere you can miracuously go into a field and plant the next day after that much rain. Am I supposed to believe that 99% of corn is planted on top of sand hills.

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Re: OptionEye....May 6th

Rest of snow melted Sunday.  Very wet.  70% + chances of rain again Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Won't be dry enough to do much before it rains again, then another week delay after the rain, unless it's just a sprinkle.