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OptionEye...May 7th

Good morning. 


As the elections in Europe continue to threaten us in a macro way, we have some threatening weather that will cause some issues this month for sure. 


The corn market is looking for some direction. If you happen to look at  a chart, we have our moving averages stacked on top of one another as we have not really made a move out of our 50 cent trading range since last September. This could be the time. 


We all know about John Mackintosh's claims of no corn in the pipeline, and with this weather, maybe now is the chance to breakout to the upside. We all could use a little action down here. Globally we have a Central Bank dominated trade that is killing volumes and ramping  up volatility. It would be nice to trade a true story every now and again. 



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Re: OptionEye...May 7th

More China interest chatter this morning?..... My guess is you will be able to trade that pretty soon..... p-oed

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Re: OptionEye...May 7th

I'm not positive that Central Banks dominating trade with lower volume is a true story. At least none has shown me this is actually occurring. Why commodities? Seems like a poor choice of strategy w/ slumping economies.

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Re: OptionEye...May 7th

P: it is the "excuse of the day" these things usually only last 24 to 36 hrs. before another excuse gets the spot light.


Remember any excuse beats NO EXCUSE for them.


Just as long as there is an excuse.