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OptionEye Morning Market Macro Outlook - April 11th

Good morning...I think.


Stocks take a blood bath yesterday and I dont have a lot of hope today.JPM missed their earnings expectations this morning and stocks don't like it again.


Corn up 1, beans down 8 and wheat down 2.


It's all about that planting window now and we watch with baited breath.


Oil still up over $103 at $103.21 down .19 cents.


Gold the beneficiary of scared traders and is up $2.34 to $1321.24.


Beans hovering at $15. Corn hovering at $5.00 and Gold at $1300...what is going to move these products from their anchors?


The dollar is also rooted to that 80.00 leve and trading just below at 79.50 which is up .11.


It is going to be an interesting day..PPI and Michigan Confidence Survey will also be watched.




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